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Art and Yoga

Alongside her personal art and yoga practice, Bruni very naturally evolved into the role of teaching what she deeply loves. She has been an art teacher for 17 years, both privately and in art gallery and school settings–as well as a yoga teacher for 12 years, both privately and at various yoga studios and wellness centers. Having received her Bachelor of Education in 2012, her teaching experience has expanded to include the position of Occasional Teacher with the Avon Maitland District School Board. She brings art and yoga into this role whenever possible. 

"Through my visual art, I reflect on/express/record life experiences in a way that deepens them. Yoga is the art of mindfulness and wellness–the art of how to approach myself, and in turn, others and my life with heart. The colour, texture, and feeling that arise in this place (on the canvas that is my yoga mat) are beautiful and boundless just the same. My art practice and my yoga practice are very much connected; they go hand-in-hand. And they both carry far beyond the canvas and the mat!"

She presently teaches weekly Hatha Flow classes at

The Yoga Collective:

Contact her directly to inquire about private lessons.

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