May 21  |  2020

April 19 | 2020

Beautiful roses have been blooming in many different homes all week! I am so touched by each and every one that has come to me so far (THANK YOU!)...and I am excited about what they will inspire me to create! Please keep them coming...

April 9 | 2020

A new art piece NEEDS ALL OF YOU!

I have very small slivers of time to spend in my studio right now. These phases happen in life from time-to-time. In phases like this,

I am a gatherer–a collector of treasures for future works.
My present days are spent taking care of and keeping my young daughter engaged, learning, and happily busy in our isolation. My creativity is pouring into all of this right now, and boy are we ever pushing our imaginations to the limits daily!

As an artist, I am very much inspired directly by my day-to-day life. Ideas come and go all the time. However, some persist–stick. I currently have an idea that keeps coming to me and won't let go. In order for me to explore this particular idea, I need ALL of you! I invite you AND all of the members of your household (no matter what age) to draw a single rose for me, in whatever materials you would like (pencil, pen, marker, pencil crayon, crayon, oil pastel, paint, etc...). Then take a clear, close-up photo of each rose individually and send the images to me to Let me know the names of everyone and what rose they drew. If your mind is trying to disregard this with thoughts of  “well, I can't, I'm not doing this...", I encourage you to laugh at it and ignore it. The more this simple drawing of a rose is YOU (in your style), the more perfect it will be for this purpose. If you choose to do this, have fun with it and I can't wait to receive it! Below are examples from my home. We each created one. I even dipped my cat's furry paw in paint and made a print as her rose.

November  |  2019

I just delivered this large commissioned piece to Toronto. I had photos of the home to ponder before designing and creating this artwork, all from a distance. It was wonderful seeing it go up in their beautiful home...filling the space it was created for like a glove! 

This coming weekend was supposed to be the Stratford Studio Tour–the unique event where artists open up their studio doors to the public, offering the opportunity to see their creative spaces, chat about their artistic process and view a wide variety of artwork available for sale. Like all events scheduled within the past couple of months and into the near future,

it has been canceled due to COVID-19. For more info visit:

Much of this past winter was spent working away in my studio in preparation for this occasion. Once global closures began, I shifted gears into the roles of full-time mother and home school teacher. I have art pieces that are waiting for some finishing details, and others finished but waiting for their frames (suppliers to re-open). I will update my site as these works are completed.

Please keep checking in and go to the Galleries above.