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June | 2022

I am opening the doors to my studio for an art sale!

Saturday, June 11th, 10am - 4pm.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending and I will forward location details. 


January | 2022

I was commissioned to create this piece as a surprise for a little one's first birthday. Details shared with me before starting: his parents' preferred colors are different shades of blue and beige/sand; his room has an animal theme; he loves anything with wheels; his family is from the east coast and love to sail;  his birthday was an “under the sea” theme. Happy 1st Birthday sweet Miles. This was made with so much love for you!

Creating artwork with meaningful pieces is my passion. If you have a loved one's milestone coming up and are interested in a unique art piece as a gift to mark it, reach out to me.

View Galleries above, "Selected Commissioned Work" for more examples. 

November | 2021

Archival quality prints of the rose garden are available!

After my COVID Bloom exhibition came down, it was very clear to me that I wanted to continue to share the beautiful garden that so many people helped me create. It is such a happy and bright example of the beauty in life that can come, not despite, but because of unusual and challenging times.

Plus, it's a sweet reminder to always “stop and smell the roses”. :)

If you are interested in purchasing a print and/or if you have any questions for me at all, please email me.

I can deliver easily in Stratford, and over the holidays in Sault Ste Marie. I can also ship to you if need be.

Size options and prices are:  11” x 14” - $50   |   16” x 20” - $105


October | 2021

I just completed this piece for a lovely family. In my own artwork, I so often incorporate meaningful items from my day-to-day life, as a means to spend more time with them, to record them, to 'preserve' them in a way. It is always such a gorgeous process for me to spend time with the personal items of others, and weave them into the artwork that I create for them. This piece involved that type of creative process. The artwork includes items like an old license plate, an aged letter's envelope, a sweet piece of writing, crocheted fabrics made by a family member, found four-leaf clovers, their wedding invitation cover, footprints of grandchildren, as examples. The five trees also represent their five grandchildren.

So special for me to create art like this for others! 

October | 2021

The days are getting shorter, darker, and cooler but new roses have been blooming

at Gallery Stratford! My exhibition COVID BLOOM closes on October 11th. 

August | 2021

I am thrilled to share that my art project titled COVID Bloom is on exhibit at Gallery Stratford, opening tomorrow, August 14th. The gallery has undergone some amazing renovations over the many months of closure and I am grateful to have this project of mine up in the new, beautiful space and in this very exciting time of re-opening after so long. 

The seeds for this work came to me in April of last year (2020), during the intense days of our first COVID lockdown. On a strong gut feeling, I put out a call for roses on my social media. I invited anyone and all members of their household to draw a rose for me. This started a deeply beautiful and meaningful process that ran the course of more than a year. Several roses popped up in my email from many different homes and from people of all ages.

COVID Bloom is a collaborative work, a unique record of such a momentous time in our lives. I printed, carefully cut out, and gradually planted all of those very different and expressive roses into one garden on my typical canvas that is Lexan glass. The exhibition of this work includes two other blank Lexan panels, inviting viewers to draw a rose on their surface.

In this way, I am encouraging the garden to continue to grow...

A full artist statement describing this art project and what I plan to do with the two new pieces that will come out of this exhibition is here:

Thank you again to all who sent me a rose, helping to make this project happen. I LOVE every single one of them! I invite you to visit the artwork and search for your beautiful contribution. And for anyone interested in drawing a rose for me at this time, please do visit the gallery.

Those new glass pieces are waiting for you...

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