January  |  2021

I was commissioned to create this piece for a very good friend of mine–a surprise gift for Christmas from her husband. The details in this landscape were inspired by our many, many "sanity" walks and talks through all four seasons of the momentous year of 2020. It ended up being a gift for me, too, to create this!

sanity walks through all 4 seasons, mixed media on Lexan glass, 21" x 27"

December  |  2020


I recently completed creating this piece for a little one's first birthday. (Peaches are her favorite food and her daddy's nickname for her). Happy 1st Birthday sweet Sevrine!! Made with love for you!! xo

Love-layered Peach Cake, mixed media on Lexan glass, 9" x 11"

November  |  2020

This past month I've been spending time with all of those roses that came to me in the early spring.

I put out a request for them on Facebook in April 2020

(for more info, view the posts at:,

during the intense days of the COVID lockdown, and it was just amazing having roses pop up in my email from so many homes, and different people in those homes, big and small. I have now printed each and every single one of them and it has been a fascinating process to retrace every curve, squiggle, bump, and point of their outlines with my scissors...all the while brainstorming ways in which they will come together into one piece. I do know that it will be one beautifully wild garden!!

If you didn't get the chance to create/send in a rose, you still can! Please contact me.

July  |  2020

My most recent commissioned piece finally made it to its home in Toronto this week and landed beautifully

in the space it was created for. 

quiet city morning (diptych), mixed media on Lexan glass, 2020